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DEKsol reactive dye for cotton
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Delosol reactive dye for wool
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I. DELOSOL S type dye introduction
  Delosol S type dyes and the additive can keep the perfect physical state of wool and cahsmere after dyeing.
  Delosol S type dye series is made of improved high coloring strength neutral dye (1:2 metal complex dyes) and reactive dye. It has high fastness and very close dyeing properties. The pH of the dye bath adjusted by leveling agent and accelerant is 4.5.
  This dye system is characterized by high dyeing exhaustion rate and excellent dyeing reproducibility. Delosol S type dye series has only 15 colors but complete chromatogram that can blend almost all the trend colors.
  Delosol S type wool/cashmere dyeing system can provide the following features and benefits:
  PH4.5-5 dyeing, less fiber damage
  Different colors and depth can use the same dyeing method
  Only fifteen varieties, concentrated colors
  Complete chromatogram
  High exhaustion rate
Advantages / benefits
  Protect wool/cashmere quality
  Simple process, easy to control production
  Reduce inventory
  Better adaptablility to market (match up trend color requirement)
  Good reproducibility from sample to mass production, high reproducibility between cylinders, less sewage discharge
II. Delosol S type dyeing process

  In Delosol S series dyes, Delosol yellow S-4GN, red-2B and blue S-2R can be used as three-primary colours of medium and light colors. Delosol yellow S-2R, red 5-G, grey 5-G can be used as three deep primary colours. This kind of dyes has the feature of good compatibility and constant levelling property and fastness.