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Delosol wool reactive dye introduction
  DELOSOL dye is a reactivated dye with brominated acrylamide active group for wool. Its special multi-active group and the high reactivity of wool can achieve a high color fastness and get a great success on wool dyeing. For the wool products that require brightness, DELSOL dye is the best choice. Besides, DELOSOL also has excellent dyeing performance on the shrinkproof processed wool products that meet the "super wash" fastness standard.
Outstanding features
  Light and moisture fastness
  High brightness and fixation, less hydrolysis dye
  Low fiber damage
  No metal, pollution-free dyeing
  Reasonable price
  Men and women outerwear
  Roving, yarn
  Hand-knitted and woven yarn
  Bulk wool yarn and wool yarn for woven carpet
  Shrinkproof processed knitted and woven fabrics
Dyeing requirements
  Heat dye to the required temperature
  Adjust the pH value to the required condition, add the dye to untreated wool according to the following requirements:
  Initial dyeing temperature: 50℃
  Chlorinated wool: initial dyeing temperature 30℃-40℃
  Chlorinated / resin additive processed wool: initial dyeing temperature 20℃-25℃

  Processing time at dyeing temperature
  The required dyeing time is different according to temperature and quantity

  Constant temperature period in the heating process (yarn and fabric)
  Untreated wool: 70℃(deep color -80℃)
  Shrinkproof processed wool: 60℃

  Delosol special dyeing method with highly efficient leveling agent SLT-R can shorten the dyeing period or reduce the temperature to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The performance of it is basically the same with conventional dyeing methods.

I. Medium and light color low temperature dyeing method:

  A: 1-2%(owf)                                                                    德龍均SLT-R
  0.6-1.6%(owf)                                                                 Acetic acid (industrial)
  4%(owf)                                                                           Ammonium sulfate
  B: 1-3%(owf)                                                                    Dye
  C: Cold water weir meter
  D: Caustic wash: Ammonia or purity PH=8-8.5
  E: Cold water washing
  F: Hot water washing

II. Thick deep color high temperature short dyeing process:

  A: 2-2.5%(owf)                                                                   德龍均SLT-R
  2%(owf)                                                                              Acetic acid (industrial)
  1%(owf)                                                                              Formic acid (industrial)
  B: >4%(owf)                                                                       Black or especially strong color
  C: Cold water weir meter
  D: Caustic wash: Ammonia or purity PH=8-8.5
  E: Cold water washing
  F: Hot water washing