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DEKsol reactive dye for cotton
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DEKsol reactive dye printing methods
I. Preparation fo sodium alginate paste
  1. Prescription
  Sodium alginate (dry powder)                                              6-8kg
  Sodium hexametaphosphate                                                          0.5kg
  Water                                                                           x kg
  Total synthesis                                                              100 kg

  2. Preparation
  Fill the barrel with warm water, add sodium hexametaphosphate. Slowly add sodium alginate powder to the water while stirring. Add water to the total volume after there is no granular. Use soda ash or acetic acid to adjust the pH value to neutral. Cooling backup.

II. Preparation of printing paste
  1. Prescription
  Dye                                                                        x   kg
  Urea                                                                        5-10kg
  Reserve salt S                                                                  1   kg
  Baking soda                                                                     1.2-2.5kg
  Water                                                                              y   kg
  Sodium alginate paste                                                             40-50kg
  Total synthesis                                                                   100 kg

  2. Preparation
  First, use a small amount of cold water to mix the dye into paste, add pre-dissolved urea and reserve salt S, then add hot water to fully dissolve the dye. Add paste and mix evenly. Add baking soda solution to the printing paste before use.

III. Printing process
  Printing-Fully drying-Steaming (102-105℃, 5-7min)-Cold water washing-Hot water washing-Soap boiling-Hot water washing-Cold water washing-Drying。

DEKsol reactive dyeing methods
I. Tie-dye process
  1. Dye liquor prescription
  Dye                                                                     x   g/l
  Migration inhibitor                                                             1~2 g/l
  Urea                                                                     30~100g/l
  Baking soda                                                                 10~40g/l
  Reserve salt S                                                               10g/l
  Penetrant                                                                  0~20g/l

  2. Process
  Padding liquor-Pre-drying-Drying-Steaming (102-105℃, 5-6min)-Cleaning-Soap boiling-Washing-Drying

II. Dip dyeing process

III. Dosage of accelerant and fixing agent
Dyeing depth
fabric, auxiliary
Unmercerized cotton Mercerized cotton
Red lead g/l Soda ash g/l Red lead g/l Soda ash g/l
<0.5% 20-30 5-10 15-20 5-10
0.5-1.0% 30-40 10-15 20-30 10-15
1.0-2.0% 40-50 15-20 30-40 10-15
2.0-3.0% 50-60 20 40-50 15-20
3.0-4.0% 60-70 20 50-60 20
4.0-5.0% 70-80 20 60-70 20